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This Directory Does Not Accept Automated Submissions.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Accept Automated Website Submissions?

No. We do not accept automated website submissions. This directory is purely a hand-edited directory and requires manual submissions.

I have a large number of websites to submit, can I email them to you?

No. You must use the ‘Suggest a Site’ web form on this website to submit your websites one at a time.

What is the value in adding my website to Dir.GeneralConnection.com?

You can find a number of website directories on the web.  Apart from dir.yahoo.com and dmoz.org, almost all those directories accept automated submissions.  These sites are built and left to run on their own.  In the absence of any type of checks, these directories have turned in to data dumps, which can be built by running a simple crawler.  Search Engines have stopped giving any credit to these directories.

People add their to website directories to get their site out in the market and also to establish a backlink to their website.  During the early days of the internet, simply having a large number of back links worked like a charm. Some companies even started selling large quantities of back links. Those days are long gone.   Search engines (google, yahoo et al) are like one of those Hollywood movie robots that learn and evolve as they go. They are not static. These days there is not trick to cheat search engines.  Old fashioned approaches to SEO are back in demand now.  So a back link is valuable ONLY if it is coming from a reputed source.

I strongly recommend not to use one of those automated search engine, website directory submission softwares that submit your website to a million search engines and billion directories. It does more harm to your website than good.

Dir.GeneralConnection.com maintains high standards and attempts in all possible ways to keep it free from bots, spammers etc.  Take few minutes of your time and add your website to an appropriate category.  Once approved,  you will get a reputed platform to advertise your website and get a Quality backlink to  your website for free.  Now that is what counts.


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